The JUANPUTT System of Putting reduces putting biomechanics to its simplest form, enhances alignment as well as visual performance and thereby alleviates the major causes of "putting stress." A "stress free" putting environment will translate to vastly improved performance on the greens.

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The Simplicity of the System

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Lining up you putter correctly on the intended line is THE MOST CRITICAL FACTOR in putting! Any sort of misalignment will result in missed putts. The JUANPUTT putter combines design ingenuity along with sleek aesthetic sensibility that promotes perfect "down the line" alignment. As you can see by this photo, the first step in the JUANPUTT system is to aim the putter directly down your intended target line WHILE STANDING DIRECTLY BEHIND THE BALL.

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The second step is to set your body and stance line, PARALLEL LEFT of the target line in a comfortable, balanced position WITHOUT CHANGING THE ALIGNMENT OF THE PUTTER FACE ESTABLISHED AT ADDRESS.

Left Foot Forward

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The final step is simply to react to the target, as it relates to distance control, and move the one arm lever straight back and straight through creating sufficient energy to hit the putt the desired distance. FACING IN THE DIRECTION OF THE TARGET WHILE PUTTING, REDUCES PUTTING MECHANICS TO ITS SIMPLIST FORM, THEREBY MAKING STEPS ONE, TWO AND THREE VERY EASY TO ACCOMPLISH.

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You Will Love Juan Putting

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